Provably secure & fair games


  1. STOP if online gambling is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  2. The exchange rate between ICP and cycles is volatile.
  3. All games and fees (less than 1%) are non-refundable.

Odd or Even?


Next game starts soon.



Under, Over, or 7?

Play anytime against the house.


Lucky Draw

Everyone stands a chance to win!

target is 200

How it works

  1. The Jackpot shows the accumulated prize. Proceedings after covering operational costs will all go into the jackpot.
  2. The next drawing will not open unless the jackpot has more than doubled since the last.
  3. The next drawing will not open unless 7 days has passed since the last.
  4. When it is time to open the next drawing, about 2/3 of the time it will be skipped, and the Jackpot will roll over into the next drawing.
  5. When it is not skipped, 3 winners will be randomly selected to share 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 of the Jackpot.
  6. A player's chance at winning is proportional to their net loss since the last drawing.
  7. Unclaimed prize after 24 hours will go back to the jackpot.

Balance: 0.00 TC

Account ID

You will need some cycles to play Cycles Bet. There are two ways to get them:

  1. Send ICPs to the above Account ID, you'll recieve cycles (conversion rate applies).
  2. Send cycles from a canister you control.
You can withdraw cycles by sending them to a canister.


You will be able to secure your account by exporting your private key, or loggging into Internet Identity (not ready yet).

Activity History

System Notice

* The private key that identifies your account is securely created and stored locally in your browser. Be sure to make a backup to avoid losing access to your cycles.

* The activity log is stored locally in your browser too. Changing to a different browser will not carry over the activity history.

* Accounts will be wiped when they have been inactive for more than 30 days. All remaining balance will be donated to the House, and there is no refund.

* Dice values are derived from the first two letters of the publicly verifiable randomness on the Internet Computer. Take a2 as an example. a and 2 are the hexidecimal equivalent of 10 and 2. Take the remainder of dividing by 6 and then add 1, we get the face value of the two dices: 1 + 10 % 6 = 5, and 1 + 2 % 6 = 3.